Thursday, November 1, 2012

Small Bathroom Makeover - Under $400 dollars

If you are on a budget like me you want to make the right decision on how to update the look of the room in your house without spending too much. When I was in the process of updating my bathroom I knew money was limited so I had to address the major issues: Floor and wall paint color. Here are the pictures of bathroom before the changes:
Can you see the rusted rod? This is a $50 dollars premium shower rod from Home Depot. Yeap... and it was not even a year old.

Dull ceramic tile:

Here are the steps I took to have my project done:
Part ONE: Getting your husband in the process! - I went to Lowe's with my husband to choose the tile. I narrowed the choices down to three types of tile and asked him to pick just one. Actually this is a great way to get your husband involved in your home projects! ;-)

Part TWO: Choosing the contractor! - I put an ad on Craigslist looking for a contractor to install the floor. I had several bids. I was lucky enough to have one contractor who was able to do a great job for a great price!

Part THREE: Tearing out the old ceramic tile! - This is the part that you realize how important is to have your husband in the process! In order to save money my husband tore out the old ceramic, and we had the area ready for the contractor just to install the tile. Here is what my husband did:

The water stain was from a leaking bathtub that was fixed before! Thank you God!
Part FOUR: Installing the porcelain floor. - I asked the contractor to install the tile in a diamond pattern. I was very pleased with the results.

PART FIVE: Choosing the wall paint color. - That's the fun part. I know there are many techniques out there on how to choose the right wall color. Well... I used my own "technique." I just sat there on the floor with some color swatches and tried to imagine how the color would be on the wall... Here are the choices I had:

So many possibilities!!

Narrowing down to blue...

And finally the right one... Benjamin Moore Smoke (2122-40)

Part SIX: Painting the walls! - That's something that I love to do: painting walls! No need to pay anyone to paint your walls. You can do it yourself! It is fun. Actually, it works like therapy for me!

Part SEVEN: Accessorizing! - I am still doing this part! :-) That's why the "final" AFTER photo is coming up soon (I hope!).

Here is what is looking like for now... A work in progress!

Refreshing walls like blue sky...

The porcelain tile... Husband's great choice! ;-)

The best part... everything was done for less than $400! Yeap! I am glad I had this done! 


  1. Beautiful makeover. I really love the pale blue walls with the dark tile. Elegant. Isn't it fun to make things over?!

  2. We need to redo our bathroom, and we don't have a lot of money either...this was an excellent article!!! Thank you!

  3. This is fantastic! The bathroom looks great and I like how wrote everything down in your post. Good tips! :)

  4. Oooh, I like the colors you chose! The color of the wall is cool to the eyes, and doesn’t look boring compared to mainstream blue. The porcelain tiles also brought out its elegant look by being “louder” in style in contrast to the wall paint. Anyway, I would love to see the photos of your bathroom complete with accessories!


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