Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Paint Chevron Stripes on a Wall: Inspirations and Tutorials Around The Web

I have been watching this chevron trend for awhile (decorative pillows, bedding, curtains, rugs...) but I never felt like... Oh, this is something I want it! Well... Then I saw this picture bellow and... YES! I must have this!

I think the yellow chest (love yellow!) plus the dark chevron and drapes and everything else just caught my eye in a special way... haha Now I am hooked!
This bedroom was designed by Lindsay Ballard (Makely School for Girls), and it is just so beautiful!
Do you want to see more? Look this...
and this... Isn't it gorgeous?
Monica (East Coast Creative Blog) opted just for an accent wall. And... wow... her kitchen looks fantastic!
You can visit her blog to check out how she did it! It is a nice tutorial!
The blog Remodelaholic also has a step-by-step detailed tutorial. If you follow their directions, you will be fine!
It doesn't look that difficult, does it?
If you don't want to mess around with paint, you still can have the chevron drama without the mess. Check out this living room designed by Debbie Basnet.
Love this black and white rug!
Via Houzz
More chevron... rug + chair (love this yellow chair!) 
Hello Pretty Things

Backsplash anyone?
Via Pinerest
Via Pinerest
It seems like the chevron trend is taking over your closet as well.
Black + White Chevron

Black + White Chevron by redstamp featuring whiting & davis

Via Pinerest

That is it for today... Hope you enjoy chevron as much as I do!
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  1. These are all such cool and creative ways to use chevron stripes! I want that yellow desk chair!!! It's so cute with the stripes on one side an the floral on the back!

  2. I want to make myself at home. Thanks for the chevron srtipes tutorial!!!!!

  3. I'm loving the chevron stripes but It is one of those things that you look at and think-well, how hard can it be to paint zig-zag stripes..


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