Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wallpaper Goes Paperless

While I love the wallpaper look I really don't want to use it. Here is why... Removing wallpaper can be a hassle! The process of taking the wallpaper down can even damage your drywall. So how to add the wallpaper look without the paper (and the glue!!)? Paint of course! Here are some inspirations:

If you can draw, this hand-painted mural is a great way to add boldness to any room in your home.

Bravo Interior Design
Bravo Interior Design

In this room by Faiella Design, the mural is extended to the ceiling as well:

Faiella Design

If freehand drawing is not your thing, you can always use stencils:
Maureen Mccluskey



As we see, paint is a  great (and inexpensive) way to add some art to an empty wall or even to transform a room!


  1. What a fun way to do "wall paper"!!! I also love your fireplace makeover. Great job!!! I'm your newest follower =)


  2. I agree! Paint, color and pattern are a great way to add life to an otherwise blank or empty wall!
    The custom designed hand painted flowers in my design was a collaboration by myself, Faiella Design and my decorative painter Ted Somogyi. We are also both fine artists.
    I am still in love with how that foyer turned out, really unique and dramatic!



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