Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things That Catch My Eye

Some of the things that catch my eye!
1 - Eldridge Pendant - Ballard Designs. It will  be perfect for my kitchen. It has a modern and a vintage look at the same time. Love it! The good thing about this fixture: It is not expensive!

2 - Orb Chandelier - Ballard Design. It is modern, classy, a statement in any room!
3 - Marni for The Rug Company - This rug is just GORGEOUS!! But too pricey!
Overleaf Yellow...

The Rug Company


...and Overleaf

The Rug Company

These rugs have been around for a while. Remember Carrie's bedroom from Sex and the City?

4. Ikea's Expedit Bookshelves. Affordable, they can go everywhere: bedroom, office, playroom, living room, kitchen... even inside your closet! They come in different sizes  which is great!
Emily A. Clark

Ill Seen, Ill Said
5. Metallic Crochet Tank ( It is so pretty! Because YOU deserve something nice, not only your home!! Love this tank!



  1. Great inspirations!!! The tank is super cute <3


  2. Frabizia
    I love the yellow RugThis rug is just GORGEOUS!!

  3. Awesome inspiration. Thanks for stopping by this morning. I found the legs at Lowes. I am your latest follower.

  4. I love the lamp Orb, it is just perfect!!
    Vicky xx

  5. I love the pendant lights, great inspiration!

  6. Love love love the mustard yellow beautiful =)


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