Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wood Paneling Fireplace Makeover - How to Fill Grooves

The look of my fireplace was bothering me for long, long time...So I decided to get some paint and do something about the eyesore in my living room... It was a long and dusty journey. However I am happy I did it!

My "before" picture:

The beginning of the process... Sanding the wood paneling to remove the sheen...


 At this point I had dust everywhere!
 I love when she looks at me trying to figure out what I am doing...
In order to remove whatever was left from the paneling old finish I wiped the paneling down with Sander Deglosser (from Home Depot).


After the paneling was dried, I covered the grooves with latex primer...



Then I filled the grooves with Patch-N-Paint (spackle), let it dry and sanded smooth. I repeated this at least twice.
Then I applied the latex primer with a roller... I used the tip of a small roller to paint the trim on the top.
 Ah... Here I started feeling happy already with the results... the old brown wood paneling was gone and the fireplace was ready to be painted!

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  1. Wow--thanks for sharing. I have a whole basement full of that type of paneling. Maybe I'll get brave like you and spackle those grooves. It looks great!


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