Friday, January 25, 2013

Show Off Your Baskets!

I guess somebody else didn't see the value of three nice and large woven baskets. They were given away, and of course I grabbed them. They are just in perfect condition. Lucky me! My husband asked me if I was using them in the laundry. No way! There are so many ways to incorporate woven baskets into your décor other than having them in the closets or using them in the laundry!

We can use them next to the fireplace as wood holders.
Here is a great idea for a small entryway. Love the texture!
In the bathroom, baskets have been used for extra towels.
They can keep your blankets right at hand for a cold day.
They can keep the clutter away! ;-) One of my baskets looks exactly like this large basket next to this bed. Great find, right? 
What about you? Have you ever found anything for free that you really like? Any curb finds?
Have a great weekend, everyone! I will be back soon with my newest dresser update. 


  1. Oh yeah! Free is the best! bottles, chair, table, if is free I take it! :) Beautiful baskets, great inspiration!

  2. I have to admit that I love baskets, I can never have enough. I use them everywhere!

  3. Beautiful basket,great inspiration. I use then everywhere !!!! I love love baskets in my home

  4. No, no curb finds. But I love how all the baskets are used here!!!!

  5. I love baskets and these are some great ways to use them!! Thank you!

  6. HiYa!!!

    I'm a basket hound. I just love how they warm up a room.

    I found right across the street, a patio table, but, not
    just any patio table. It was like the one we had when I
    was growing up.

    It was in perfect condition!! So, I rolled it across the
    street into my garage. When the garage door closed I
    started to do the happy dance!!


  7. I love your inspiration piece because baskets are my love. I have everything in a basket. Their so versatile. This past Christmas my grandmother gifted me a ton of bath products but my heart was in love with the basket they were in even more! I have found a ton of my baskets at thrift shops. The goodwill is like a basket graveyard. But what is one's trash is another's treasure, right?

  8. Howdy! Have not seen you around for a while. I hope all is well and good with you. :)


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