Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Decorating with Green

I want to start this post saying "thank you" to all of you who left nice comments on my previous post (From Ugly Chest to Pretty Nightstand). Wow... It was great to read all the comments! Because of YOU I am excited to do my next project! Thank you!

Talking about my next project... MY BEDROOM! As you have seen, my bedroom walls went from brown to pale gray (click here if you haven't seen it yet!). Now I have been looking for accessories... pictures, pillows, curtains, a rug... you know... all these good things! Sooooo.... yesterday I went to Tj Maxx (do you like this store?) and found a wall picture (which I like!) with several red tags on it (which I love!).  My idea is to go with blue and green for accessories... Who knows if I will change my mind or not... For now this picture is working well... :)

There are some scratches on the frame... but hey... what can you expect when you are paying only $18 for nice art work that comes with a certificate of authenticity? I will fix the scratches in a second! ;-)

Talking about green... You probably have heard Pantone picked green (emerald) as the color of the year for 2013.


So be prepared to see this color all over the areas of design and fashion!


In reality I don't pay attention to whatever is "hot" or not in the fashion/design world.... But I like green... and blue.... Actually I was saving in my computer some beautiful inspirational pictures of rooms decorated with green. For instance, look this green chest! Love at first sight! ;-) I would love to have one like this...

The Hunted Interior

... and these green pillows! Just what you need to add a punch of color to a gray living room instantly!
CR 3
Charm Home
 ... or to a gray bedroom! Or any other neutral room! :)
CR 9
Charm Home
I think gray and green work together. Look this room... Well... I don't think I would do the green wall... maybe I am not brave enough!? ;-)
Laura Britt Design
What about you? Do you decorate with green? Feel free to share pictures of your green decor (links) if you would like to! ;-)


  1. For me is very dificult to decorate with green . And your Photos are beatifull and very inpiration for me

  2. Green is my favorite! I was so dismayed when we were moving and the stager told me that green was out (in other words all of my décor was out). Little did she know that I was just ahead of my time!

  3. Love the green- so unexpected! Thank you for joining The French Hen's Nest! Have a lovely day.

    Linda and Jeannie @ the French Hen's Nest


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